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Late evening at my friend Mishka's sometime in winter 2006-2007. The guitar sound on this one is pretty much like I hear it when I play (only the bass chords are louder then and the bright chords are really loud, too :)), I like.


released May 4, 2009



all rights reserved


afurnishedsoul Wormeldange, Luxembourg

Home-recorded, mostly 1-take-per-track impro/sketches.

Band: www.imgrundegenommen.com

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Track Name: The idea is the thing
"ideals pen and paper
no money no home
and nowhere to go
that's how you travelled the world

chased from every country
imprisoned 16 years
for giving your all
to a cause misunderstood by all

chasing the sun
in a system
based on violence and coercion
yet still you gave up only once

your name now forgotten
our days still rotten
i wish you were still here with me
to guide me through this crazy scheme

the idea is still alive
our chains will break
and you will smile from beyond the grave
and rest in the soil of a better world"

(for Sasha, 1870-1936: anarchistfaq.org)
Track Name: Trashy tribute to Glenn
as in Glenn Branca. Blows my mind.
and while you're at it: Rhys Chatham - Drastic Classicism :) one of my all-time favourite songs!
Track Name: Howdy, farmer! (holterdipolter)
Feels like the involuntary Bonanza theme tune 8)
Track Name: Beyoncé's return
An earlier recording of this song is on 'Donbank Terrace', called 'the urgent arrnbee song' (yeah, very funny :)), hence the title for this one. Fortunately, this time, I didn't sing :)
Track Name: Own Records should make their old CDr-s available again! :)
Track Name: Breakfast of salinas
My music is like a personal log of sorts. My songs make me remember places, people, situations, thoughts. And bands (random associations, a feeling of gratefulness for this or that record :)), sometimes stuff I read or saw and may have forgotten otherwise.
This one and the next I really like. I'm pretty sure I must have ripped them off somewhere. I love music :) That's why I record... 'stuff' :)