Soundtrack for a sleepless night (Studio recording)

by afurnishedsoul

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released June 8, 2007

All music and lyrics written by Jeff Hemmer aka afurnishedsoul. For additional credits see songs.



all rights reserved


afurnishedsoul Wormeldange, Luxembourg

Home-recorded, mostly 1-take-per-track impro/sketches.


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Track Name: war among us
the burning bush has spoken
and blear-eyed prophets from all corners of the globe
have come to celebrate armageddon
laden with their oh-so dumb belief in their own infallibility

welcome to the 21st century

revolution of the puppets
the lap-dogs have turned into wolves
the hunt is on
the leaders of the world
and the henchmen hiding in their caves
are driving their sheep
into agony

turn your prisons into hospitals
give your barracks to the poor
use your speeches to educate
not to alienate
history's seen it all before
there's no profit in war
except for the hopeless necromantics and their greedy pimps
Track Name: hope's an open window
hope is an open window. when everything around is going up in flames and the smoke is taking our breath away it opens up to the sky ahead.

hope is the new world we carry in our hearts. it fuels our thirst for individual freedom and mutual respect.

one day we may reach the shores of this pacific sea and we will swim, dive and dance to the lovely sound of the turning tide.
Track Name: cultural exchange program
our mouth no longer is a tool of communication. our ears have become the new eyes. no more need for ties, we got tongues. central standard time. central standard culture. join today and get amazing deals on used regional idioms.

for every tree they cut they plant a new one. building a new forest has become a highly cosmetic exercise at the age of surgery bombings. when is andy warhol going to silk-screen yellowstone national park?

no more aubergine, no more aquamarine. no more slightly, no more bittersweet. no more aberdonian, no more wormer. phonetics for the people. phonetics for culture. phonetics for politics?
Track Name: collapse of the ivory towers
i had a dream when i was young
on a lightfield in consonance we were building
a tower of glass
a mountain of windows
and we knew our name
human kind

we each had a tongue of our own yet
we all spoke the same language
communicated through
the rushing of our blood
the beating of our hearts and
the yearnings of our minds and souls

but when i woke
i found myself trapped cornered
locked inside a box of two-way mirrors
feeding on the reflections of my own imagination

in reality there was no dream language
during all that time i'd only been talking to myself
and for the first time in my life
i felt completely numb
naïve disgusted voiceless empty and alone

sometimes all i want is to sleep
never again
i've long reached that point where
i stopped counting how many

how many times
i've felt like this is my 1921
and i'm sitting on a train to nowhere
fleeing the ruins of my greatest truth

how many times
i've felt like this is my 1999
and i'm just finished writing my last play
ready to stage the epilogue
before the premiere

but every time i lapse back into that mood
every time i bang my head against that wall
and wish for my skull to burst into a thousand pieces
there is always one more song that keeps me
some noise
created by someone else
in the same predicament
at some other moment in time

a reminder
that whatever i may feel
will always have been felt before
and that i'm not alone

a reminder
like a tune that comes suddenly out of nowhere

out of all the great lines i've heard
this is one of the best
this is one of the biggest to me right now

because i want to

i'm sick and tired of being called a utopian
for daring to believe
in what everyone so readily claims to be
good people
and i refuse to be branded a fundamentalist
for demanding full unconditional and immediate
realization of all the basic human rights
all the ethical principles
this our civilization pretends to stand for

i'm no longer afraid of ruins
cause every fall's just one step on our way
we must strive
and if words are really nothing but words
we must create new noise
to express
and rebuild
for in this culture of elevators and trapdoors
we will never be truly human

i want to be truly
that's why i'm staying

i'll always be a builder
come what may
i'll keep going
as if nothing ever happened
sing sing
Track Name: temps des cerises. à la recherche du temps perdu.
see you, i said
see you, you said
oh, we didn't know

cherries red
the blood on the road
this is our last good bye

i always took you for granted
now you're gone

and all that remains is
your name carved in stone
and all that remains is
your house, empty and cold

you left without a word
but you're not dead
this time i'll keep you safe
safe in my heart
until i'll follow you
follow you